Monday 29 October 2012

Making the best of your plot

If you've ever fancied a move to the country here's some practical tips on how the Romans decided to build their farmhouses...and the Greeks before them. Pliny quotes Homer (from 800-ish BC) that a country house shouldn't be built too close to a marsh or river. Homer thought that morning mists were unhealthy - although it was actually the mosquito born diseases that were the issue. As for climate, the house should face north in regions that are hot, south in places that are cold and east in middling temperate climates - you might want to reverse the souths and norths if you live south of the equator. So if you're planning that dream house in that dream location - and you want to keep that reverse cycle airconditioner turned off as much as possible - then make sure you're facing the right way.

Find out if Calvus ever faced the right way

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