Tuesday 19 March 2013

Shameless self promotion

I'm guessing you've noticed me mention the name 'Calvus' a few times by now. Who is Calvus? I see him as the embodiment of the average Roman. He doesn't wage war on distant peoples, he doesn't work as a gladiator...he can't even afford a slave. Calvus is 99% of real Roman life, not the one percent we see in the latest Sword and Sandal drama from HBO. That doesn't mean he's boring. This guy's got all the issues any struggle-street character should have. He's an unemployed actor...enough said. Put him in a tweed jacket and he's Bored to Death's Jonathon Ames. An accidental detective who finds he discovers trouble and doesn't get the credit for it. We shouldn't forget Rome was just like New York on any normal day - full of complicated people who have...well, complications. For more about the adventures of Calvus, check out 'Ad Lib', 'The Hitherto Unknown' and 'Mischance and Happenstance' - all live on Amazon now

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